Shinsight Trio - Shallow Nights Blurry Moon

Y seguimos con los nipones ...

Encabezados por Shin Ski, Insight (oriundo de Massachusetts, USA) y DJ Ryow a.k.a. Smooth Current siguen con la linea del jazzy hip hop y toques de soul... elegante y relajante...

Enjoy !

Shinsight Trio - Shallow Nights Blurry Moon
Año: 2006
Sello: Bad News


2.Early Dayz Amazement
3.Kick Snare Hi Hat
4.I Love Good Music
5.What's The Word
6.Passin By
7.No Clouds On A Sunny Day
8.Work With Options Around Me
9.Let's Do A Jam
11.Lucky Dayz
12.Everything Steady Goin Downhill
14.Positive Energy
15.Freedom of Speech


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